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ESLAV Meetings’ Financial Support

Guidelines for applying for financial support for national/regional ESLAV meetings

Below please find the general guidelines for applying for ESLAV financial support for local/regional laboratory animal veterinarian meetings.  Please note these are meant to be guidelines and there is some flexibility (which will be at the discretion of the ESLAV Board).  Input from ESLAV members about these guidelines should be sent to the Secretary, ESLAV and all comments will be considered as these guidelines evolve.  It is the goal of the ESLAV Board to have these guidelines in place and begin considering applications 1 June 2018.

Applications must include:

Name of ESLAV member(s) who will be in charge of organizing the meeting
Title of meeting/topics to be covered
Proposed Date and Duration of meeting
Location of meeting
Estimated number of participants
Total estimated budget and amount of support requested from ESLAV (itemization is strongly encouraged)

General Guidelines

In order for a meeting to be as strongly considered as possible for financial support from ESLAV, the following guideline should be followed:

An ESLAV meeting can be arranged within a given country as a national meeting or between a limited number of countries as a regional meeting
The meeting should be attended by ESLAV members.  Other people may participate but there should be two distinct fees so that ESLAV members are subsidized and nonmembers fees help cover the costs of the meeting.  For example, if there is a meal served, the nonmember fee should cover the entire of cost of their meal.
The minimum number of attendees should be 10 in order to obtain financial support.  Support for smaller meetings will be considered but given less priority.
The minimum duration of the meeting should be 3 hours in order to obtain financial support.  Shorter meetings will be considered but given less priority.
The meeting agenda should include scientific topics relevant within the area of laboratory animal science and/or legislative topics/discussions relevant for laboratory animal science.

Speakers should be listed, even if only tentative, if possible.

The application should specify the activities for financial support and estimated expected expenses should be included.  The source(s) of other financial support should be included.  Preference will be given to meetings where there is also financial support from other sources.
A request for support should be received by the ESLAV Secretary no later than 8 weeks prior to the planned meeting.  A response can be expected from the ESLAV board minimum two weeks prior to the meeting
If financial support is granted the meeting organizer is committed to prepare a short meeting summary to the ESLAV board following the meeting. The meeting summary will be posted on the ESLAV membership homepage
A maximum amount of 500 € can be granted for meeting support within a country on an annual basis