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Animal Welfare Concepts and Assessment

Presenter: Professor Don Broom

Webinar: Animal Welfare Concepts and Assessment

When: 18th of September, 15:00-16:00 GMT

Synopsis: Human attitudes to animals have changed as non-humans have become more widely considered to be moral agents who deserve some respect. The idea that the animals that we keep can suffer and are sentient has spread recently with the development of animal welfare science. Welfare is the state of an individual as regards its attempts to cope with its environment. Feelings are mechanisms that have evolved and are a key part of welfare, as is health. Quality of life means welfare but is not used for short timescales.. Most reviews of welfare now start with listing the needs of the animal, including needs to show certain behaviours. This approach has used sophisticated studies of what is important to animals and has replaced the earlier general guidelines described as freedoms. Many measures of welfare are now used and indicate how good or how poor the welfare is. New methodologies for assessing pain and other aspects of good and poor welfare are discussed. In recent years, welfare has become established as one of various criteria used to decide on whether a system is sustainable because members of the public will not accept systems that cause poor welfare.