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Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine

Presenter: Dr. Janet Rodgers

Webinar: Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine


The EBVS requires veterinary specialty colleges to certify only those ‘who practice scientific, evidence-based veterinary medicine’. How do you find and use evidence to answer the questions that come up in your professional practice? Veterinarians have been shown to rely largely on the opinions of colleagues and perceived experts, or to conduct haphazard searches of the journals and books available to them. Can we avoid ‘making the same mistakes with increasing confidence over an impressive number of years’?

Evidence-based healthcare began as a way of helping physicians use published data to make decisions about individual patient care. Today it is expanding to nearly all biomedical research, much of clinical veterinary medicine, and is beginning to appear in laboratory animal science. This presentation is a basic introduction to various aspects of evidence-based healthcare as it is (and could be) applied to laboratory animal science. Topics will include systematic reviews, meta-analyses, critically-appraised topics, and qualitative research.