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Ethical Charter

  • The European Society of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians (ESLAV) is committed to the promotion of the highest standards of veterinary conduct among its members.
  • ESLAV will promote a commitment to the use of animals only where there is reasonable expectation that the results will contribute to increasing the body of basic scientific knowledge, or to the protection and/or improvement of animal and human health and safety.
  • To date alternatives to animal do not presently obviate all animal use. Indeed animal testing is required by regulatory authorities for all new medicines, treatments and vaccines prior to their use in humans and animals. ESLAV will promote a commitment that all animals ensured to the care of its members shall be treated as humanely as possible within the scientific context that justifies the use of a living animal
  • ESLAV will encourage all members to strive to ensure that all animals under their care are housed and cared for in compliance with international and national guidelines and provided with environmental enrichment consistent with sound scientific principles.
  • ESLAV will encourage all members to strive to ensure that no animal experiences unnecessary pain and distress. ESLAV members will use their professional knowledge to apply the use of appropriate anaesthesia and analgesia wherever this may be possible. In cases where this is not possible ESLAV members will use their professional knowledge to apply and institute a humane endpoint for each animal and at the earliest possible point in time consistent with the scientific aims of the study.

ESLAV Sponsor and Advertiser Ethical charter

  • ESLAV welcomes sponsors to the organisation. No sponsor may influence decisions made by the board of ESLAV. The board shall at all time ensure that there is no conflict of interest between any sponsoring working group or similar member and a sponsor.
  • Any sponsor may express a desire to direct its funds to be used for specific purposes within the organisation. The ESLAV board will attempt to respect this desire but reserves the right to defer from the sponsors wishes should the board feel that the sponsor’s wish is not in accordance with the best interests of the organisation. The board will communicate its decision to the sponsor. Any sponsor may then choose to withdraw support should it so desire.
  • ESLAV welcomes advertisers to “Briefing”, our website, and other publications that may be published under the aegis of the ESLAV board and its publications editor. The Editor reserves the right to refuse any advertisement should he/she conclude that the material offered for publication is not in accordance with best interests of the organisation. An example of this could be in the case of advertising specifically designed to damage a competitor’s good name and standing.
  • The ESLAV editor shall strive to ensure that linkage between advertisements and published scientific (peer reviewed or other non-commercial) content does not happen, thereby avoiding any impression of approval by ESLAV for any particular commercial product.
  • All scientific (non-commercial) content that has been sponsored by an advertiser shall clearly state that this has happened. The article shall clearly show the name and address of the sponsor.
  • In those cases where a sponsor has supported a section of an ESLAV scientific meeting, this shall be clearly stated in the program.