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ESLAV National Representatives

ESLAV National Representatives

The ESLAV national representatives (Nat Reps) constitutes a link for mutual communication between the ESLAV board and the ESLAV members of each country.

The national representatives are seen as important local ambassadors for ESLAV and are the main drivers in initiating local and/or regional ESLAV activities.

The members within each country elect the national representative for a specified period agreed in each country.

Communication between ESLAV National Representatives and ESLAV board

  • The Nat Reps coordinator of the ESLAV board is the point of contact between Nat Reps and the board
  • On an annual basis, all Nat Reps are invited to a separate meeting with the ESLAV board arranged in relation to the ESLAV conference

Role of the national representative:

  • Build a strong national and/or regional ESLAV network by promoting the organization to universities and laboratory animal veterinarians, by welcoming new ESLAV members informing about local activities and other relevant information, by collecting knowledge about working areas of expertise of the national ESLAV members via the ESLAV website member area (to further increase the networking aspect) and by reaching out to members in order to generate ideas for new local activities
  • In collaboration with the ESLAV Secretary to maintain records of active ESLAV members within each country
  • Initiate national and/or regional activities like discussion fora, education and workshops within laboratory animal science
  • Act as the point of contact to national authorities regarding matters within laboratory animal science
  • Liaison with other national and/or regional laboratory animal societies and other relevant research societies
  • Liaise with and share ideas of potential local ESLAV activities with other Nat Reps (using the platform provided by the ESLAV home page and by annual face-to-face discussions at the board meeting where Nat Reps are invited)