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Named Veterinary Surgeon (NVS)

Position title: Named Veterinary Surgeon (NVS)

Company name: B&K Universal Ltd (Marshall BioResources)

City: Grimston, Near Hull

Country: United-kingdom

Position description:

The Named Veterinary Surgeon (NVS) provides specialist veterinary services and assists other Named Persons in the conduct of duties, liaises with members of AWERB and provides technical advice and services to the staff with regard to ensuring the health and welfare of the animals.

The NVS must be familiar with the main provisions of ASPA. They will perform his/her duty as defined in the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (Amended 2012) and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ code of practice.

The NVS should be familiar with the husbandry, breeding protocols, biology, physiology and clinical issues relevant to the species for which they are responsible.

The NVS should be aware of the local structure for management and responsibilities relating to animal use at the establishment, including how key roles and tasks are fulfilled.

The NVS will have AAALAC responsibilities with support from the European vet team. NVS Specific:

  • Design, review and operate programmes of veterinary care and health monitoring.
  • Be actively involved, on a day-to-day basis, in safeguarding the welfare of the protectedanimals at the establishments.
  • Monitor the health and welfare of the animals under your care by regularly visiting all partsof your establishment specified in the establishment license, ensuring veterinary reports are

    completed for each animal seen.

  • Ensure that adequate veterinary cover and services are available at all times at theestablishment and that those caring for animals have your contact details and those of a

    suitably qualified deputy, in case of an emergency.

  • Performance of pre-shipment health checks of groups of animals to be shipped. Authorise /stamp TRACES documents for exports.
  • Manage biosecurity to reduce the possibility of infection and be able to advise onquarantine requirements and health screening.
  • Provide veterinary advice and treatment, where needed and when requested by a NACWOto key staff.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the husbandry, breeding, housing and welfare needs of theanimals kept at the establishment, including the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and the impact of housing and husbandry systems on the welfare and needs of an animal.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations relating to the supply and use of controlled drugs, prescription-only medication and other therapeutic substances used on animals.
  • Be an active member of, and play a central role in, the AWERB meetings.
  • Undertake pre-arranged (non-urgent) and emergency surgeries.
  • Notify the NACWO in charge of an animal if its health or welfare is giving cause for concern.If the NACWO is unavailable, you must make sure the animal is cared for and, if necessary, killed humanely using a method approved by the establishment license, if required carry out post- mortems.
  • Management of relevant methods of humane killing listed in ASPA Schedule 1, together with any additional methods authorised by the establishment license, with approval from the responsible vet.
  • Performance of NVS audit of facility and providing written reports to the Establishment License holder.
  • Delegation of certain duties to competent animal care staff via a clearly defined first aid treatment protocol.
  • Provide advice on the impact of procedures on animals, recognising signs of pain, suffering, distress and post-operative care.
  • Provide emergency cover 24/7 with the assistance of a deputy.
  • Provide training to relevant staff in areas of Biosecurity, 3R’s awareness, schedule 1euthanasia, animal first aid, zoonoses and Anaesthesia.

    Animal Breeding Specific:

  • Production role and responsibilities to the management and provision to ensure the animal units are managed and enforce welfare and procedures to meet Biosecurity, Veterinary and Home Office ASPA standards
  • Breeding colony management of all Marshall species.
  • Manage and review the continuity of production breeding agreed targets.
  • To provide an overview of information on inventory levels, availability of animals and monthend reports on the colony as requested.

    Scientific Specific:

  • Providing scientific and veterinary technical advice to the company and clients supporting our health screening and diagnostic services.
  • Supervising and performing laboratory investigations of animal health welfare findings.General:
  • Ensure that animals shipped to clients are in accordance with client specifications and to Marshall’s standards.
  • Management of Work Instructions on a regular basis to ensure compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Ensuring all health and safety matters within the unit/area, including maintaining a safeworking environment, hazards and non-conformance are reported.
  • Participate in Site Health and Safety Meetings.
  • Ensuring the correct use and operation of protective clothing and equipment.
  • Management of budget and forecast spend controls.
  • Encourage staff to maintain continuing professional development.
  • Establishing and maintaining the standards of practice in accordance with recognisedcriteria of industry professional bodies.
  • Capital investment planning and effective development.
  • Maintaining company and customer confidentiality.
  • Provide input for the company management meetings and contribute to the strategicplanning.
  • European vet team management of AAALAC annual program description and 3 yearly re-accreditation reviews. Review of effectiveness as UK sites.

Company name: B&K Universal Ltd (Marshall BioResources)

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