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Inspection and Enforcement under Directive 2010/63/EU

Please find the guidance document on Inspection and Enforcement under Directive 2010/63/EU endorsed in October by the Member States. where ECLAM/ESLAV participated with guidance and expertise.

The document gives the Member States support with a structure and guidance on how to provide consistent and competent inspections of animal facilities for breeding, supplying and using animals.

The document promote a risk based inspection, using resources where best needed, but at the same time make sure all establishments are inspected regularly. It also describe the knowledge an inspector (supported by the guidance document on Education and Training) should possess to be able to do a competent inspection as well as acting as an advisor, sharing best practice.

The document, including appendices, can also function as a check-list for establishments and designated veterinarians when establishing good routines for maintenance and care, as well as for preparations before announced inspections.

The address to the document is