Position title: Entrepreneurial Swine vet, Cambridge MA

Country: United-states

Entrepreneurial Swine Veterinarian

Porcine Preclinical LLC is a startup initiative to establish responsive to growing demand for preclinical porcine testing services utilizing minipig breeds.  We are seeking an entrepreneurial swine veterinarian capable of establishing a breeding heard and managing said heard for human pharmaceutical testing consistent with sound heard health practice, ethical laboratory use guidelines and current good laboratory practice (cGLP) for preclinical testing procedures.

Porcine Preclinical LLC is based in Kendall Square, Cambridge MA and leverages deep biotech connections of serial entrepreneur Timothy Cote MD, MPH. He is funder, previous FDA regulator and now consultant to hundreds of biotech initiatives.  Incumbent can expect both appropriate stipend and equity sharing in exchange for a leadership position in the new company.  Expectation is to stand up service capacity to begin delivering 200-300 animals for long-term drug exposure studies within 12 months.  Ultimate vivarium site selection is in progress but not yet conclusively determined.

Candidates with interest in laboratory animal science, breeding programs, heard health management, human drug development, startup management are encouraged to apply.  Swine veterinarians at all career stages—recent graduates, retirees and mid-career professionals are encouraged to apply.  Please contact Tim Cote MD MPH, 202 738 6336 tim@onlyorphanscote.com with cv and letter of interest.