Position title: Head of Animal Facility

Company name: University of Fribourg

City: Fribourg

Country: Switzerland

The Faculty of Sciences and Medicine of the University of Fribourg has the mission to provide the staff of its departments and the

Cantonal Hospital (HFR) with an optimal infrastructure for biomedical research.

The Animal Facilities of the Faculty of Sciences and Medicine are combined into a Core Facility and are subordinated to a Steering Committee (ComAni). As the operational and personnel manager of the Core Facility, you will preside over the Steering Committee and implement its decisions.

Your tasks

  • As the operational and personnel manager of the Core Facility, you preside over the Steering Committee and implement its decisions.
  • Your area of responsibility includes the regular inspection of the animal facility
  • You will develop standards according to the current state of research/knowledge (in collaboration with the SteeringCommittee, ComAni).
  • You will monitor the health of the animals (mainly mice and rats, but also macaques and zebrafish) as well as hygienemonitoring.
  • You will supervise animal imports and exports and work closely with the Animal Welfare Officer of the Faculty (mutualdeputisation).
  • You will ensure optimal operation and the flow of information between researchers, animal care staff and the SteeringCommittee (ComAni).
  • You develop hygiene concepts and contribute to the planning of future animal facilities.Desired profile

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Degree in veterinary medicine and additional training in laboratory animal science

Management and personnel leadership experience in complex structures

Neutral factual orientation, communicative working style, constructive conflict management

Experience in the field of mouse genetics or a related field

Experience in the generation, breeding, nomenclature, and regulatory requirements concerning genetically modified animal models, including recording of their constraint

Comprehensive knowledge of laboratory animal welfare, ethics / 3Rs and relevant legislation Independent, team- and goal-oriented way of working
Good command of English, German and/or French

Application deadline: 31 October 2022
Date of commencement of employment: 15 November 2022 or by agreement

The application documents in a single PDF file named “YourName.pdf” must contain:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Publication list and sample of writing (e.g. Doctoral thesis, scientific article)
  • Official University transcripts
  • Names and contact information of at least two referees (name, affiliation, relation to applicant, e-mail & phone number)

Company name: University of Fribourg

Name: Prof. Michael Walch

Website: https://jobs.fr.ch/Universit%C3%A9%20de%20Fribourg/job/Fribourg%2C-CH-Responsable-d’animalerie-Sari/756863002/

Email address: michael.walch@unifr.ch