Position title: Chief Veterinary Officer ( All Genders)

Company name: Sanofi

City: Gentilly, Ile-de-France

Country: France

The Chief Veterinary Officer is a full-time function to oversee all animal care and use by the Sanofi Group. The aim for Sanofi is to maintain a solid program to ensure the high quality of animal use in research, testing and production with the long-term objective to reduce the fraction of animal models in the research and testing programs and the use of animals for manufacturing purpose. 

Beyond the scientific challenges, the stakeholders perception on animal use and protection is evolving rapidly. Issues such as animal sentience or animal rights are current growing controversies. Sanofi considers its increasing societal responsibility in that field and address the public concerns by building and driving a solid and trustful corporate program.


The purpose of the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) is to protect the reputation of Sanofi and preserve the privilege of using animals in the discovery, development and manufacture/release of medicines, vaccines, and health care products by:

  • Leading Sanofi’s global vision and implementing the strategy related to the Protection of Animals to secure Sanofi business and reputation.
  • Serving as senior advocate in Sanofi’s commitment to animal welfare as part of good science and good business, through openness and transparency.
  • Providing oversight to ensure all animal use (internal & external) in R&D, IA, and all business units in Sanofi comply with laws and regulations, and Sanofi Policy on the Protection of Animals.
  • Leading, monitoring and demonstrating Sanofi’s commitment to high ethical standards and driving for positive changes within Sanofi and the industry in transparent manner.
  • Sponsoring the Integrated Research and Testing Strategy program (3Rs) to demonstrate the commitments of Sanofi in reducing by 50% in 10 years the animal use fostered by scientific and technological alternative developments.
  • Developing and promoting the “Culture of Care” to engage positively Sanofi and its employees.
  • Leading the risks associated to the use of animals (regulations, reputation, operational disruption, activism…), and developing mitigation, remediation, and crisis management plans by leading Risk Management profile.

Main Responsibilities


  • Animal Science and Welfare
  • Oversee the animal care and use programs of Sanofi sites and ensure the global coordination of the best standards and compliance.
  • Ensure that the use of animals by external parties on behalf of Sanofi complies with regulations and the principles of Sanofi policy on animal protection.
  • Acquisition of newly acquired companies requires rapid assessment of the risks to set an ad hoc plan for integration and compliance.
  • Drive the internal program on the culture of care and assess the continuous improvement through the monitoring of indicators of performance.
  • Ethics
  • Contribute as an ad hoc member to the Bioethics Committee.
  • Lead the advisory body on animal ethics.
  • Oversee the activities of animal ethics committees and animal welfare bodies to ensure compliance, independency and impartiality.
  • Issue corporate policies endorsed by the BEC to address societal questions.
  • 3Rs and Integrated Research and Testing Strategy
  • Be the owner of the Integrated Research and Testing Strategy (IRTS) and ensure its implementation by each function and BU to reach the 50% reduction target by 2030.
  • Monitor and report the use of animals (internal and external KPIs) and the development of new approach methodologies (non-animal methods).
  • Oversee the full implementation of the 3Rs when animals are required for research and production.
  • Communication and outreach
  • Drive, globally, transparency and openness as key aspect of the role, aiming at sharing Sanofi commitments, gaining confidence, and increasing reputation.
  • Elaborate and implement internal and external communication plans to achieve these goals, in coordination with the communications function.
  • Update disclosure key documents as the Sanofi public factsheet on animal protection, corporate annual reports, webpages…
  • Risk management
  • Elaborate and update every 2 years the risk profile related to animal use and protection by appraising all business risks in respect with corporate risk assessment process.
  • Lead specific action plans to prevent, mitigate and remediate the risks
  • Security
  • Monitor animal right groups and animal activism to prevent actions and mitigate the risks.
  • Lead the management of crisis and targeted campaigns related to animal rights.
  • Public relations and Government Affairs
  • Coordinate monitoring and intelligence on regulatory evolutions in the different countries where Sanofi operates, with a priority focus on the EU and the US.
  • Anticipate trends and management of regulatory burdens and active public engagement when needed.
  • Contribute to the societal debate to protect Sanofi assets.
  • Represent Sanofi and ensure the coordination with relevant professional organizations.
  • CSR Activities
  • Contribute to the CSR reporting efforts, either through official reporting or when requested by rating agencies.
  • Participate to CSR projects as relevant to the CVO scope (eg. Carbon footprint, company flagships, CSR experience…).
  • Build and monitor its CSR / CVO budget, also covering sponsorship and professional organizations annual fees.

Requirements & Competencies


  • Education / work experience
  • Veterinarian, with board certification in lab animal science and medicine (ACLAM, ECLAM)
  • Proven track record in areas relevant for the position (more than 10 years)
  • Proven track record in international project management
  • Experience in external stakeholders relationships
  • Multicultural network coordination and environment work
  • Experience to lead cross functional groups
  • Experience with the different function of a pharmaceutical company (R&D, drug regulation, quality control, manufacturing)
  • Skills and attributes
  • Strategic appraisal, sense of priorities and ability for decision
  • Able to evolve in a multi-cultural and international environment
  • Comfortable to work and cooperate in a matrix organization with multiple stakeholders, with different mindsets and ways of working
  • Vision leader and change enabler
  • Strong communication and influential skills
  • Understanding and genuine interest in CSR issues
  • Behavioral Competencies (LEAD and others) => PTW
  • Demonstrating personal leadership
  • Assembling a network to build support behind the scenes and create opportunities
  • Understanding Sanofi business priorities and challenges
  • Being able for continuous progress in the face of uncertainty and inertia, and to challenge default positions while focusing on solutions
  • Courage: taking risks in one’s own sphere of responsibility, standing up for one’s position vis-à-vis the environment and management
  • Strong sense of Ethics

At Sanofi diversity and inclusion is foundational to how we operate and embedded in our Core Values. We recognize to truly tap into the richness diversity brings we must lead with inclusion and have a workplace where those differences can thrive and be leveraged to empower the lives of our colleagues, patients and customers. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.

As part of its diversity commitment, Sanofi is welcoming and integrating people with disabilities.

Company name: Sanofi

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3314117494/