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Study director, Toulouse

Position title: Study director, Toulouse

Company name: Avogadro LS

City: Toulouse

Country: France

Join our Team, We are Recruiting! With about 40 employees in France and United-states, […]

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Veterinary Team Lead, MSD, Netherlands

Position title: Veterinary Team Lead, MSD, Netherlands

Country: Netherlands

Position Title: Veterinary Team Lead Company Name: MSD Animal Health City: Boxmeer Country: The Netherlands Position Description: This role […]

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Veterinary Surgeon, Covance Huntingdon

Position title: Veterinary Surgeon, Covance Huntingdon

Country: Uk

Position title: Veterinary Surgeon Company name: Covance City: Huntingdon Country: United Kingdom Position description: […]

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Senior Animal Technician, Ovagen

Position title: Senior Animal Technician, Ovagen

Country: Austria

Position title: Senior Animal Technician Company name: Ovagen Position description: Main Responsibilities • Support […]

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Vétérinaire Clinicien, France

Position title: Vétérinaire Clinicien, France

Country: France

Position title: Vétérinaire Clinicien Company name: Charles River City: L’Arbresle ( proche de Lyon) […]

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