Position title: NeuroSpin is recruiting a veterinarian/ neuroscience projects

Company name: Frédéric Joliot Institute of Life Sciences (Basic Research Division, CA),

City: Saclay (91)

Country: France

Based at NeuroSpin to oversee 4 animal facilities at the Joliot Institute, this permanent Veterinarian position is available as of march 2023 and includes two responsibilities:

1) Servision of the animal facilities of the CEAJoliot Institute

– Supervision and care of the animals for the 4 animal houses of the Institute

-Function of designated veterinarian; holder of the sanitary accreditation

-Function of capacity holder for the Joliot Institute in collaboration with the NeuroSpin primatology platform engineer

-Al actions to guarantee the respect of animal welfare in the framework of project authorizations

-Participate in veterinary on-call duty at the C A Paris Saclay animal facilities (one on call duty every 4 weeks on average).


2) Specific actions on the NeuroSpin animal facility:

-Management of the preclinical platform (in charge of the “Animal house and experimentation” cell, in charge of the animal welfare cell)
-Supporting the preclinical research of the Joliot Institute: imaging, anaesthesia, surgery, electrophysiology protocols
-Management of the veterinary pharmacy

The position is based in Saclay (91) with occasional travel in the Paris region (91 and 92). The veterinarian recruited will work in collaboration with the other veterinarians of CEA Paris Saclay

Profile of the candidate

The candidate is a veterinarian or a Dr. veterinarian, with health clearance

-He/she has experience working in research animal facilities
-He/she has a very good knowledge of animal experimentation French regulations
-He/she has previous experience in research activities, in autonomy or in a team, as well as training or experience in primatology.
-He/she has a valid driver’s French license and a personal vehicle.

Positioning of the job
Within the Frédéric Joliot Institute of Life Sciences (Basic Research Division, CA), the NeuroSpin department brings together a group of multidisciplinary teams that develop sophisticated methods for acquiring and analysing morphological and functional brain data, as well as research in the field of cognitive sciences and human neurological and psychiatric pathologies.

NeuroSpin is organized around a very high field MRI research platform dedicated to the study
of the brain (6 magnets including 3 for human protocol, at 3T and 7T, and 11.7T, and 3 for animal studies (17T, 11.7T and 7T)), as well as equipment for relatedresearch (cognitive, psychometric, neurophysiological studies- EEG and MEG, etc)within a clinicaldata acquisition platform.
NeuroSpin’s research teams implement preclinical protocols for their own research, but they
also make their know-how available to teams outside the CEA, whether French or foreign, academic or industrial.
Send your CV, including a brief description of the research projects you might develop, by February 28, 2023

Company name: Frédéric Joliot Institute of Life Sciences (Basic Research Division, CA),

Name: Mme Maryline HEVIN (Assistant Director NeuroSpin)

Website: https://joliot.cea.fr/drf/joliot/recherche/neurospin

Email address: Maryline.hevin@cea.fr